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yasam Ayavefe Cloud offers cloud-based solutions to meet the needs of modern businesses. With our services, we increase the efficiency of businesses, reduce costs and provide a secure cloud infrastructure.

10x Light Cloud

Leading the digital transformation of businesses, cloud technology has become an indispensable element of the business world today. At this point, there are various cloud solutions for the needs of businesses. yasam Ayavefe Cloud and 10x Lightweight Cloud are platforms that stand out among these solutions and offer a number of advantages to businesses.

Managed VPS Cloud

Yasam Ayavefe Cloud's managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) cloud service offers a reliable, performance-oriented and flexible cloud infrastructure that businesses need. Responding to the digital needs of businesses, this service combines a number of advantages.

Fully Private Cloud

yasam Ayavefe Cloud Fully Private is a fully proprietary cloud service designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. This private service offers a powerful and flexible infrastructure where businesses can safely host their critical applications.

Yasam Cloud Plans

Businesses today have an increasing need for powerful and reliable cloud services to manage and grow their online presence. Yasam Ayavefe Cloud offers a range of cloud services specifically designed to meet these needs of businesses. By offering flexible and scalable plans to suit the needs of businesses, Yasam Ayavefe Cloud aims to provide its customers with an excellent cloud experience.

Basic Plan


Our basic plan is an ideal option for small businesses and personal users. With 50 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM, it offers a cloud solution to suit your needs.

  • Storage 50 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: 2 CPU
  • Data Transfer Unlimited
  • Daily Backup: Available
  • Private SSL Certificate: None
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Intermediate Plan


Our mid-range plan is designed for larger businesses and medium-sized organizations. It offers 100 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM, and additional features like a custom SSL certificate.

  • Storage 100 GB
  • 8 TB Data Transfer
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Data Transfer: Unlimited
  • Daily Backup: Available
  • Private SSL Certificate: Yes
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Advanced Plan


Our advanced plan is designed for large enterprise businesses and workload-intensive applications. With unlimited storage, 16 GB RAM and 8 CPUs, it provides the ultimate performance and freedom.

  • Storage Unlimited
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: 8 CPU
  • Data Transfer Unlimited
  • Daily Backup: Available
  • Private SSL Certificate: Yes
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yasam Ayavefe Cloud

yasam ayavefe

yasam Ayavefe Cloud Application Hosting Service

Service specifically designed to host businesses' web applications, databases and other application components on a secure and powerful infrastructure.

yasam ayavefe

High Performance yasam Ayavefe Cloud Servers

Delivering a seamless experience with high-performance servers optimized for fast response times and uptime.

yasam ayavefe

yasam Ayavefe Cloud Data Security and Backup

Protect and secure customers' data with strong security measures and regular data backups.

yasam ayavefe

Flexible and Scalable yasam Ayavefe Cloud Infrastructure

A flexible and scalable infrastructure that can quickly adapt to business growth and changing demands.

yasam ayavefe

24/7 yasam Ayavefe Cloud Support and Monitoring

Providing uninterrupted support to customers with an advanced technical support team and continuous monitoring service.

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Cost Effective yasam Ayavefe Cloud Solutions

Delivering efficient and cost-effective cloud services, providing customers with solutions that stay within their budgets.